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I'm Mark Rosenthal. I was born and raised in Griffin Georgia. I'm a father to 5 children. I'm happily married to the love of my life Christie.

When asked what all is wrong with me it is easier to just show you.

my issues



A lot of complications come from having Multiple Sclerois. A lot of the problems it causes me, I'm embarrased to tell you about . Some of the things I miss the most is Walking, Eating, Use the Restroom like a normal person, not being in pain all the time and being able to get hot without losing all my abilities. I can also get into what I call a Brain Fog. My memory does not work like most people does. It is hard for me to not think about 100 things at once.


What are some of the things that I enjoy doing? Because my MS is getting worse as each year goes by, I'm not able to do the things that I once enjoyed. I use to love camping, being a hugh fan of the Walking Dead TV show, going for long ways exploring and being outside. But because I cant get hot or walk for more than 15 mins, I end up a lot sitting in my sofa watching tv and playing online.

Just a few years ago, I was able to do things like 


When did I first find out that I have MS? It all started about 10 years ago. I started losing vision in my right eye. Everything I see out of it is bright and almost the same color. I can still see shapes in that eye.

I went to many different doctors for many years before a nero eye specialist told me that he thought I had MS or a brain tumor. I did several MRI's and quickly confirmed that I did have MS. I had legions on my brain, neck and spine. I started taking Avenox shots weekly. I had to take advil every 3 hours the day of and the next day after taking this poison. This medicine was not to make things better, but to try and prevent a relapse and get worse.


 The needle

Each year that went by I had more things going wrong.  My appeciate went away. I quickly learn to avoid getting hot. I notice that I walk less and less each year. I can walk fine for about 10 mins and then my legs become jello.


I did the yearly MRI to check on for legions. It didn't take long before they started growing and poping up everywhere.

I broke down and accepted that this would just get worse every year. I got a walker, and started using a scooter when I went shopping. When people look at me they see a normal person on the outside. They give you funny looks when you park in handicap parking. I could hear people saying bad things about me parking in handicap parking not knowing that I have ms.

I sure do hate putting my family through all of this. I know it hurts them like it does me. To see me this way. I hid this from many people on how bad I was becoming. I didnt want others to see me being so weak.

Everyday, I would hear about things I should try to help me with my MS. I tried many different things to help me. I quickly was put on a ton of prescrition drugs. I have to do testing all the time. The medical bills just keep coming in. The one below was a test to see why I'm not peeing correctly or easily.



I can't tell you what all I'm going through and how much I have given up. I had zero hope in getting better.

Then my brother in law told me about a lady that had just came home from Russia and had the HSCT treatment. He went on and on about it. I just could not beleive it. I ended up getting her phone number to listen to her story. To be honest, I cried after hearing it. I still cound not believe that HSCT was real. I google it and join a ton of fb groups and quickly found hundreds of people that had done it and it work for them. I look on their fb pages to see things like:


For the 1st time since finding out that I had MS, I had hope. I did find a place in Chicago that was doing trials on this but was quickly told they would not accept me. I applied to several different countries to get this done. Praise God, I was accepted in Mexico. I dont have a date yet, but sometime in 2016.

They wanted $54,500 for just the treatment. I also have to be out of work for several months. I have to fly there along with my wife and find a place to stay. I have to show up with a recent MRI. I have to do transfusions when I get home. I quickly did the math and could easily see where I needed at least $60,000 to do this.

But I believe if GOD lead me to it, he can lead me through it.

I have only 1 tattoo and this is my motto in life. Basically not to allow life to get you down.



I have spent a lot of my life trying to be useful to others and helping people. That is one reason why I run so many FB groups and a couple of groups. I also help others meet Walking Dead cast members as you can see on


But I need your help! In order for me to do HSCT, I need money that I dont have. Im on the waiting list for sometime in 2016. Which is the shortest list I could get on. In the next 2 months they will give me a date. If I dont have the money before they start the treatment, they will just put me on the bottom of the list. My EDSS score is 5.5 and getting worse. I may be too far gone to get this treatment if I dont do it in the next few years.

I got Accepted!


April 25 2016 is my date!

My Hsct date


I had HSCT done in April/May of 2016


 When fundraising we never thought about aftercare. We were just focused on getting to Mexico and having HSCT done. If you would like to help with aftercare, please do so.



You can send money to:

Mark Rosenthal

Po Box 1302

Griffin GA 30224


My blog is I will try my best to keep you updated in my progress.